Raspberry 2 – First impressions

I’ve been a raspberry fan over the last 2 years. In the beginning of this year, Raspberry 2 was introduced. I soon ordered mine, and a few days ago – I just received it. Since I was doing a clean installation, making it function as a media and download center – I’ve come up with a short guide explaining the installation and configuration process.

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How to track your android phone

Ever lost your android phone ? don’t remember where you left it ? or just want to track you r friends phone ?
If you have access to it’s Google account, you can track it without ever installing any tracking application. This is simply done with Google device manager


  • Your device is connected with your Google account.
  • Your device has access to the internet.
  • Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) to locate your device (turned on by default). This can changed in the Google Settings app.
  • Allowed ADM to lock your device and erase its data (turned off by default).

You can even ring your phone in case you want to find it, or even wipe it’s data and lock it, if you pre-enabled that.
If you don’t have a browser, you can install the Google device manager app, and locate your phone from a different android phone.
Still this is not enough to deal with a bit more sophisticated thief, as if he disconnected the WIFI, or logged out from it’s Google account you won’t be able to locate your phone.
Even though, this is a nice feature to find your phone, which get lost sometimes.
For better tracking and locking features, you can always download a dedicated app from the app store.

iPhone 6: Teared Down

Two days after the big launch events, showing the “lucky guys” to get their hands on the new iPhones, a lot of people started to publish drop tests, and tear downs of their devices.
iPhone 6 BOM (Bill Of Materials) has raised past the iPhone5 & 5S. According to teardown.com the preliminary cost of the iPhone 6 plus is 242.50 USD, an increase of 15% over the previous model – 5s.

(Full Teardown.com analysis can be found here).

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