Opnfv “Arno” – Openstack Environments Deployment, In a Click

Opnfv.org has released their debut version “Arno”, 3 months ago. This release includes automated deployment tools, such as Fuel, to allow deployment of an Openstack environment virtually, or on bare metal servers. With the provided jump-start server, and a gui based wizard, you can get yourself a running Openstack controller and compute nodes, in less than 2 hours. Openfv.org has a lot of ongoing activities, of-course this is not their main intention, but this deliverable is open for the community to work with it, especially anyone who want to be compliant to Opnfv.org definitions and use cases.

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Open-vSwitch netdev-dpdk with vhost-user support

** Update 28/08/2015 **

There is an update for this post.

Last week, open-vswitch netdev-dpdk got the long awaited vhost-user support. This feature, uses the dpdk-2.0.0 to offload the servicing of a Virtual Machine’s (VM’s) virtio-net devices to a DPDK-based application in place of the kernel’s vhost-net module. The latest patch, uses also the vhost-user library to pass traffic through user domain sockets, instead of cuse signaling..

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Going Agile: Using Trello As Scrum Management Tool

There are enormous number of tools out there to help you manage your daily activities. Lately I’ve discovered Trello, and started using it effectively for agile task tracking. Trello is a graphical tool to help you organize your tasks and data, giving you collaboration, it’s adaptive and very intuitive. Although Trello was not designed specifically for scrum management, with a few plugins, and a few work rules it be very effective. Trello makes my daily stand up meetings very short and effective. I will share my best practices, and remember that Trello has no boundaries regarding how you want to integrate it in your daily teams work flow.

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