Lightroom 5.3 and Canon 70D WIFI Tethering

Canon 70D tethering is still not well supported in Adobe Lightroom. A few days ago I ran into this post (, offering a satisfying workaround.

The basic idea is to use the Canon EOS utility to tether the captured images over WIFI to a specific folder location. This folder will be used with the auto-import feature in Adobe Lightroom to automatically preview the images inside the catalog.
I followed the steps, mentioned in the post and was very satisfied with the overall performance and comfort. I can add my 2 cents:

  • Save the images Raw + JPEG, and select “download JPEG only” (step 4). This will minimize download time, and allow further offline processing with the raw image later.
  • Start each session with a new directory, or clear it before shooting a new session.
  • Minimize all the Lightroom panels, to keep the preview area large as possible.

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