iPhone 6: Teared Down

Two days after the big launch events, showing the “lucky guys” to get their hands on the new iPhones, a lot of people started to publish drop tests, and tear downs of their devices.
iPhone 6 BOM (Bill Of Materials) has raised past the iPhone5 & 5S. According to teardown.com the preliminary cost of the iPhone 6 plus is 242.50 USD, an increase of 15% over the previous model – 5s.

(Full Teardown.com analysis can be found here).

This BOM price is almost 1/3 of the final product cost, which is a great price margin for Apple. The most expensive component, is of course the screen (~51$), after that the processor (37$). Battery is reported to be 2985mah, which is twice the capacity of the previous 5s model. Other phablet models, like Xiaomi, and Samsung has a battery larger than 3000 mah. The reason for Apple, is probably to keep the dimension of the phone smaller, especially thinner.
Another noticeable change is in the BOM suppliers. Broadcom, according to this teardown, didn’t win the LTE socket.
Samsung, Apple’s main rival, and previous supplier, has no evidence on any component, as the memory module seems to be shared between Hynix and Micron.

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